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Dorky Kool, aka DōKō, means anything that is kind of dorky (unfashionable and subject to potential ridicule) yet also compelling and worthy of a closer look.


For something to be DōKō, it has to require some effort and focused attention that leads to a kind of mastery. Nonetheless, it also needs to be considered silly, foolish, childish, dumb, and/or pointless by at least some people; if an activity doesn’t inspire at least a few eye rolls, it’s simply cool, not DōKō.


Here at Dorky Kool, we celebrate DōKō because we see it as something important, and even heroic.


Most animals eat, sleep, mate, and even play. But only humans devote hours to making trees grow in fantastical forms, cut and fold paper into intricate shapes and patterns, build concrete boats, tend ant farms, and create original yo-yo tricks. There is no shortage of popular sports like football, tennis, and golf. But that doesn’t stop some people from taking up curling and speed walking. Why? Because curling and speed walking are undeniably Dōkō!


Anyone who says “I’m a real dork,” isn’t one; true dorkiness requires a lack of self-awareness. Dorkiness is defined by doing things that are strange or out of style and being completely clueless about it.


On the other hand, Dōkō is doing those sorts of things, knowing that people may think you’re strange, and doing them anyway. As soon as a dork realizes she’s a dork and says “I don’t care,” she becomes Dōkō.

R U DōKō?



There are no rules (well, there are, but we keep changing them) and you’ll probably think that many of the things here at Dorky Kool are just plain dorky and not the least bit kool. If you think that EVERYTHING here at Dorky Kool is just plain dorky, then we have failed, and should be voted off Dōkō Island. But before you make that decision, we hope you’ll have a good look around, explore some of the Dōkō categories, learn about some people who get satisfaction, entertainment and sometimes make money following their unusual passions.


Maybe you’ll learn about something or hear from someone who will help you find your own inner dork, yearning to be recognized, nurtured and embraced. And taking that step will help you become a more unique, fulfilled, balanced and overall, yes, truly DōKō human.

Welcome to Dorky Kool!


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